5 Tips For Choosing Your Oak Flooring Colour

Flooring colour can be the most challenging and demanding selection for the interior of people’s homes. Timber flooring is pl...

Flooring colour can be the most challenging and demanding selection for the interior of people’s homes. Timber flooring is placed throughout the home these days and in the most habited places within the home. Matching in kitchen cabinets, splashbacks, bathroom tiles and wall colours with a timber flooring colour can be a bit daunting.

One of the great things about oak timber flooring is that there are so many colour options available. We have over 120 colours to choose from, making our range the largest in Australia. We have put together the below tips of advice that may just help you find your new timber flooring colour:

1. Match the colour to your style

The customer is always right. We are finding that the range of oak timber flooring colours that people are installing are vast. What’s popular today? You name it: midtones, light, dark, dark grey, light grey, the list goes on. With so much choice available now people can choose any style they desire and most importantly make their house feel like “their home.”

2. Dark colours

The old saying still rings true…the darker the colour the more dust, etc can be seen. With matt finish oak this has become less prevalent and we have seen an increase in the take up of dark coloured oak flooring installed and our clients have been very happy. Dark oak timber floorboards can also be reasonably easy to repair if you have a scratch or even a deep gouge.

3. Light colours

A trend towards lighter floors recently has been driven by people wanting to add more and more sense of space to their homes. Light floors can definitely do this. Something to also consider when looking at having light colour floors in your home is that if you already have a very lighthouse the light floors can make your home possible feel cold and a little clinical. Very light floors can also be prone to showing dark scuff marks more prominently, but having a matt finish oak timber floor can allow you to repair the scuff marks etc with white/light colour repair oils.

4. Mid-tone brown colours

Recently the natural or mid-tone colour floorboards have been making a comeback. With white/black bold kitchen colours some people have been opting back to natural (mid-tone) colour timber floorboards. This colour range can allow the homeowner to have more choice of other building products/furniture colours that will complement their mid-tone floorboard. Also, the mid-tone oak floorboards we have available we find the easiest to spot repairs and to keep clean.

5. Grey colours

Almost every second person that works in our showroom will ask to see a grey colour floorboard. We have over 30 different grey colour soak floorboards. And people idea of grey can be as varied. However, we have found that most people looking for a grey colour oak floorboard have a definite style in mind that their grey flooring will complement. Others that are not as sure tend to tip back into the safe waters of mid-tone colour oak floorboards.

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20 colours to choose from in our timber flooring product range. We even have sample panels you can take home to help you in making this very important decision. If you’d like to learn more about our timber flooring products or have questions you need answered then get in touch with one of our timber flooring specialists today.

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