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Timber Flooring Installation

With over 40 years experience in the flooring industry we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex of installation projects. The Engineered timber floorboards at Smarter Timber Flooring can be installed directly over concrete, particleboard, and tiles and may be installed below grade applications.

The floorboards at Smarter Timber Flooring can be installed over the below:

  • Directly over Concrete 
  • Particleboard 
  • Tiles

You can rest assured knowing our team of timber flooring specialists are well equipped to get the job right the first time around, saving both your time and money. Our installers are highly professional, courteous and respectful of your property and needs.

Floating Timber Flooring Installation

As the name suggests, a floating installation is one where the product is installed without an adhesive bonding the material to the substrate, and therefore the timber is effectively ‘floating’ as a raft on top of an acoustic flooring underlay.

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Glue and Secret Nail on Timber Subfloor Installation

Flooring that is permanently fixed to its subfloor means it’s much sturdier – and also more permanent. That’s why it’s a popular choice for wood flooring that is unlikely to need replacing for decades to come. Speaking of subfloors, nail-down is best suited to a wooden subfloor. If you have concrete, it’s recommended to use adhesive to glue your flooring, rather than nails.

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Glued on Concrete Subfloor Installation

The subfloor is the important middle layer of a flooring system. The purpose of a subfloor is that it offers a structurally sound flat surface to hold up the underlayment and finish floor.

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Subfloor Heating Installation

For many years a certain selection of Smarter Timber Flooring® engineered timber floors can be installed over a heated subfloor. Unlike solid timber floors, Smarter Timber Flooring® oak engineered timber floorboards will not warp, buckle, or gap between the boards.

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