Acoustic Panels


Our acoustic panels seamlessly blend warm aesthetics and innovative function, tailored to both reduce noise and elevate ambience. Ideal for homes or businesses, they offer easy installation and diverse design. While Natural Oak, White Oak, and Walnut Veneer remain our classics, custom shades await upon request.

Ensure your wall or ceiling is flat, dry, and free from residues. A smooth foundation is key.


  • Dimensions: 5260mm x 2600mm x 2150 mm
  • Crafted from superior engineered oak timber and backed by eco-friendly, recycled PET Polyester Fiber. A testament to both our planet and endurance.

For a smooth installation, arm yourself with a spirit level, screwdriver, saw, screws, and glue. Use a fine-tooth saw or multi-tool for panel cuts, and a craft knife for the felt backing. Secure the panels using glue, screws, or both. For ceiling applications, combine both methods, using at least 15 discreet black-headed screws per panel. Ensure a firm attachment, measure your space, and calculate the required panel count. Note: Our panels are strictly indoor, unsuitable for wet areas, and versatile in orientation—vertical or horizontal.

Care and Maintenance
Maintain the pristine look of your panels by dusting or vacuuming them regularly, and occasionally wipe them down with a damp cloth. Refrain from using harsh chemicals or abrasives – the wood veneer topcoat, fortified with UV lacquer, is resilient but can be sensitive to prolonged sun exposure.

Warranty Information
Each acoustic panel is backed by a 5-year warranty, subject to proper usage and maintenance. This warranty covers the panel replacement or its refund but excludes labor. Warranty duration is pro-rated based on the time since installation. Defect validation is through approved inspection methods. Warranty claims necessitate prior written notice before the warranty’s expiration.

Our warranty does not cover post-installation visible defects, damage from improper installation, inadequate care, accidents, building settling, sharp object contact, or excessive sunlight.

Excluding the costs for panel repair or replacement, Smarter Timber Flooring isn’t liable for consequential damages. As per the Australian Consumer Law, our liability is defined and limited. We neither offer a warranty of merchantability nor fitness for a specific purpose. This warranty is non-applicable outside Australia.

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