Floor Care

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

There are steps provided that you can take to maintain the natural warmth and distinctive texture for you floor.

Placing door mats at external entrances and felt floor protectors under all of your furniture is highly recommended. Your floors should also be protected from excessive heat and sunlight. For regular maintenance simply spray “Bona” cleaning product every meter and mop in with dry padded microfiber mop.

Regular vacuum cleaning or sweeping with a soft broom will reduce the risk of scratches. Lift rather than drag heavy furniture when moving it. Any water or other spills should be mopped up immediately to prevent stains and discolouration. Do not allow unabsorbed oils (like cooking oils) to dry. Dried unabsorbed oil leaves glossy spots on the surface.

If some parts of the floor gets excessively dirty or you would like to give your floor extra protection or a higher gloss level you can use a coating of Maintenance Oil, Object Oil or Hardwax Oil. These are available from a company called Whittle Waxes: Ph: 1300 326 929. The use of steam mops and stiletto heels should also be avoided.

Bona Floor cleaning mop – Is recommended to be used at least weekly in residential premises or daily in commercial premises. This is a pre-mixed solution that is simple sprayed and mop with the micro fibre mop head after vacuuming. Allow a short time for the liquid to dry. The micro fibre mop can be machine washed when dirty and re applied. 2.5ltr. Pre mixed bottles available from Smarter Timber Flooring.