How To Properly Clean Oak Timber Floorboards

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Glenn Thompson February 21st, 2019
Congratulations. You have chosen, or are on the path to choosing, what we consider to be one of the best flooring options available today, engineered oak floorboards.

When it comes to cleaning and protecting your floorboards it’s important to be thorough; a quick mop won’t do the trick and it certainly won’t help to improve the longevity of your newly installed oak timber floorboards.

It’s no secret that solid hardwood flooring and engineered oak timber floorboards offer superior resistance to wear and tear but this isn’t to say they don’t need to be well cared for. In fact with the amount of daily , it’s almost a call out to be more careful. From muddy shoes, spills, stains and more. There are many things that can wear down your floorboards, even the most durable timber shows signs of wear over time. The best way to prolong the lifespan of your floorboards is to take preventative measures, which is what we’re going to take you through below.

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Step 1: Vacuum Your Floorboards
Step 2: Mop Your Floorboards
Step 3: Apply The Wood Flooring Cleaner

Step 1: Vacuum Your Floorboards

The first and most important step to cleaning your floorboards is to get rid of all of the dirt, dust and grime that’s slowly built upon the surface of your floor. This can be done using a soft bristle broom or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head attachment – this is important as using a nozzle with harsh edges could potentially damage your floorboards.

Step 2: Mop Your Floorboards

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a well-known fact that floorboards don’t react well to moisture and will likely ruin your flooring as a result. A simple mop can go a long way in ensuring that your engineered oak timber floorboards are well looked after – you just have to make sure you squeeze as much water out of your mop before using it.

Step 3: Apply The Wood Flooring Cleaner

For regular maintenance, we suggest using Bona Timber Floor Cleaner, a water-based cleaner designed for ongoing maintenance of your timber floors. It’s quick, easy and convenient to use. We stock a fantastic all-in-one, easy to use, spray mop with a microfibre pad that makes applying the wood floor cleaning solution easy and super-efficient. Just add the cleaning solution to the cartridge on the mop and you’re away. Once finished, simply wash the miro fibre pad in your washing machine after use.

We recommend mopping your floorboards with Bona Wood Floor Cleaning at least weekly in residential premises or daily in commercial premises.

The benefits of using a good quality timber flooring cleaning solution:

  • There’s little to no residue left after application
  • Cleans your floorboards without leaving streaks
  • Nourishes your floorboards to reduce the possibility of your timber floorboards drying out
  • Helps to maintain the protective coating on your oak timber flooring/li>

Important note: Don’t use abrasive liquids, solvents or a steam mop as they may damage your floor and void your warranty.

We have found regular application of these small easy steps should keep your oak timber floorboards looking stunning over the many years of enjoyment you will have. If you are looking to purchase timber flooring for your home and want advice from a company that has been supplying timber flooring for over 40 years come in and visit us in our large showroom at 312a Bay Rd Cheltenham. We are open 7 days a week.

Glenn Thompson

Senior Sales Advisor
Glenn has 10+ years of being a chippy and is quite literally part of the family. Being a builder Glenn knows how important it is to have quality finishes and craftsmanship.
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