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Family ran business that has your timber flooring needs covered

Smarter Timber Flooring is a family owned and operated business that has been providing traditional, recycled, and reclaimed oak floorboards in Melbourne for more than 40 years. With decades of experience, a deep knowledge of oak timber flooring, and a commitment to customer service, we are the trusted name in oak flooring.

Why Engineered Timber?

A quality Smarter Timber Flooring engineered oak floor has the same qualities as a solid timber floor and in many ways is even better when introduced into today’s home with central heating and the constant wear and tear of a busy lifestyle.

While a solid timber floor could be a thing of beauty, this will come at the expense of longevity, and the risk of damage. In Melbourne’s varied climatic conditions, solid timber floorboards have the tendency to buckle which often makes it an impractical and higher risk choice.

On the other hand, our engineered oak flooring has all the positive qualities of a solid oak floor but is harder wearing and easier to maintain, all while maintaining a competitive cost.

If you are looking to enhance your home with a floor you will love and cherish for many years, look no further than our engineered timber floorboards. Come in and see our showroom, and start planning your Smarter Timber Flooring floor today!

What is a Smarter Oak Engineered Floorboard?

Smarter Oak Engineered timber floorboards’ construction consists of multiple layers of wood, with a “real timber” veneer on top!
The sublayer of wood is called a “ply” and they are orientated in several directions for strength, and then glued under pressure.

This construction technique results in a wood floor that is more steady than solid wood floor. “Stable” meaning an engineered floor is less susceptible to “shrinkage” and “expansion” movement due to fluctuations in temperature or humidity that may lead to cupping, gaps or bowing.

Features of Smarter Oak Engineered Floorboards

  1. Fully pre-finished floorboards mean no after installation on site oiling so you can walk on and move furniture on the floorboards once installed.
  2. Our pre-finished floorboards require no staining on site so you have peace of mind of the finish of your floorboards.
  3. Lacquered oil finish is a high-quality hardened coating that gives you greater moisture resistance than natural oils, easier cleaning, and needs no re-oiling for many years to come.
  4. Ease of repair. The lacquered oil finish allows you to repair starches on the spot, rather than having to wait to re-sand the entire floor (as need with polyurethane/solid timber floors).
  5. Minimal bevel edge finishes to the floorboards add to the authentic look of the timber floorboards.
  6. Laid over sub heated floors! As oak timber structure has open pores that allow heat to transfer through the floorboards. This means Smarter Timber Flooring oak floorboards can install over sub heated floors with a warranty.
  7. Less darkening of your floorboards!: As heat travels out of Smarter Timber Flooring oak floorboards more freely than much other timber floors, this means less oxidation reaction with the timber, resulting in Smarter Timber Flooring oak floorboards darkening a lot less than Australian timbers such as Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Blackbutt, and Messmate.
  8. Matt Finish: As Smarter Timber Flooring oak floorboards are finished in a penetrating lacquered oil coating this means that there is a matt finish, resulting in less dust and imperfections being seen.

Smarter Timber Flooring Maintenance and Warranties

Quality engineered timber floorboards come with at least 25 years of residential structural and surface warranty for your peace of mind. Do you even get a guarantee with “solid timber floorboards – ask the question?”

Because only a thin layer of the precious, often slow-growing flooring-grade timber is used in the manufacturing process, we conserve our precious resources and can still enjoy the beauty and character that timber brings to our home or office.

We recommend “Bona” wood floor cleaning systems to protect against fine scratching; it also offers excellent cleaning of scuffs and day-to-day wear and tear. Cleaning with other products that may be a solvent may damage your floor and void your warranty. There are steps provided that you can take to maintain the natural warmth and distinctive texture for you floor. Placing door mats at external entrances and felt floor protectors under all of your furniture is highly recommended. Your floors should also be protected from excessive heat and sunlight. The use of steam mops and stiletto heels should also be avoided. For regular maintenance simply spray “Bona” cleaning product every meter and mop in with dry padded microfiber mop. Regular vacuum cleaning or sweeping with a soft broom will reduce the risk of scratches. Lift rather than drag heavy furniture when moving it. Any water or other spills should be mopped up immediately to prevent stains and discolouration. Do not allow unabsorbed oils (like cooking oils) to dry. Dried unabsorbed oil leaves glossy spots on the surface. Remember, the darker the floor the more dust etc. shows. If some parts of the floor gets excessively dirty or you would like to give your floor extra protection or a higher gloss level you can contact us for suitable recoating and deep cleaning products.

Let’s talk installation

Smarter Timber Flooring engineered timber floorboards can be installed directly over concrete, particleboard, and tiles and may be installed below grade applications, unlike solid timber floors. You will also to able to get 2 to 3 resurfacings from most engineered hardwood floors, which is more than enough for your average family. Always use your floorboards manufactures installation guide. Make sure your subfloor is level within 3mm over 2 meters.

Click below to see General Installation Guide for;

We have over 80 American an European Oak Timber Flooring

Smarter Timber Flooring (STF) is locally owned and operated. The owner’s Brian and Genevieve Thompson, together with consultants Glenn and Gabe, have been consulting, supplying, and installing quality and ‘smarter’ floor coverings to Victoria for over forty years. They are proud to be specialist consultants to architects, designers, the building trade, and of course the tens of thousands of satisfied domestic customers who have chosen STF as their preferred flooring supplier.

Standard size is 1900mm long 190mm wide, 15mm thick with a 4mm top layer and with special orders available up to 3600mm long 300mm wide, 20mm thick with a 6mm top layer.

Subfloor Heating

For many years a certain selection of Smarter Timber Flooring® engineered timber floors can be installed over a heated subfloor. Unlike solid timber floors, Smarter Timber Flooring® oak engineered timber floorboards will not warp, buckle, or gap between the boards.

A few general but very common rules need to be observed when installing your timber floor.
The moisture content of concrete subfloors should be less than 1% when underfloor heating is to be used. To achieve you may need to have your floor heating on prior to installation.
Ensure that the instructions of heating procedures are followed before laying the floorboards. The temperature on the surface of the subfloor can be a maximum 26º C. If the subfloor heating system is newly installed, the system has to be switched on at least 3 weeks before laying the floor. Switch off the heating system 48 hours prior to installation. Turn the heating system on again 1 week after the floor installation is completed, with a gradual increase of temperature in accordance with the heating system regulations.

The floorboards can be either installed on top of acoustic foil underlay or glued down directly onto the subfloor as well as in the conventional way i.e. at the tongue and groove of the long side and the head-joint.